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I am pleased to announce another installment of FABULOUS comics created by students in TWRT 333: Writing through Comics at UWT.

Below are the comics that students chose as demonstrating the best mastery of the skills we practiced throughout the term. Follow the links under each comic cover to read the stories in their entirety.

Best in Show AND Best Show & Tell

The Adventure of Oliver & Bea Into the Unknown by Rory Jacobs

Best Storyline

Living Soulo by Lime Pearce

Best Character Development

L & Joe’s Fabulous Gal Adventures by Elizabeth Bourne  

Best Frames AND Best World Building

All Hallow’s Eve: A Slice in the life of magical business by Ruby Smith

Best World Building

Flutter High by Emilia Belle

Best World Building

Buddy Three: Lilias’s Adventure by Michelle Vu 

Best Representation & Diversity

Viruses and Vaccines in the Amazing World of Anatomy by Jessica Lowry